Sunday, August 29, 2010

BIG and Small

With me and my baby brother on back to back, while we were boating yesterday, we never stopped laughing as to how big I was and how small he was. Kinda like the giant and the dwarf.. Good that my brother is not rude as other boys his age. Especially those whose parents never taught them good manners.  Really. Kids will acquire how adults around him or her act and react to people's sizes and looks. I mean, teasing and even cursing is not alien to me, as I have met a lot of rude, rowdy and undisciplined kids whose parents are themselves arrogant, let alone ignorant and ill-mannered. But I made it without ever losing my integrity as well as my confidence. 

I pity some kids who are not able to tolerate such ill behavior from people who are themselves very insecure.  Either they end up committing suicide or they allow the bullies to bully them forever, even as they grow up as adults. I have always known that people who go about teasing are those who can not face the fact that they are NOT AT ALL better than the FAT PERSON they tease.. So they put up an image of being tough, but are actually NOT.. 

Lili and River have this classmate who is quite rude and she was harsh and when I learned that she is the daughter of my mom's office mate, well, I told the kids not to be close with her as she is a bad influence. Perhaps her dad or her mom has been harsh about weight and all and perhaps it is an issue for their family..

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Fiesta Senyor San Agustin.. We went to ROAN to go swimming and boating.. We had a quiet family lunch and headed home when we were all dark from the sun.. It was truly nice having a family like mine.. We had fun and we had delicious foodies too..

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Parlor Day

My sister and I went to David's Salon for a hair cut and some pedicure and manicure. Well, we kinda have this sister rituals of beautification. And we somehow bond this way..

I like how the said activity can enrich not only our relationship as sisters but also gives us both the time to relax and enjoy simple pleasures as beautification. After this, we usually eat out at the nearby resto or splurge on some pizza dn pasta..
Sometimes too, it's the other way around. We eat first before proceeding to David's Salon. 

That's me after my hair cut.. And of course, my sister's..

 Love our trims..

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Because I am Big, Doesn't Mean I Can Not..

I enjoyed rafting, at the same time conquered my fear of drowning..
The raging Cagayan de Oro River and its mighty 24 rapids that we passed through in our four hour advanced run.. This was the best way to commune with nature.. Glorious and mighty.. 
I enjoyed flying by wire..

Although, at first my fear of dying made me quit-- But I had to conquer that or waste money and time plus opportunity to prove that BIG GIRLS CAN ALSO FLY.. 

I conquered Asia's longest Zipline at the Dahilayan Adventure Park.. 840m.. whew.. Adrenaline power!

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