Saturday, September 4, 2021

Blogging to Vlogging

It's been a long time since I have been able to gain back this domain. But last year I was finally able to buy it back. Unfortunately, I seem to have less time posting here. This domain had been mine since 2007. It would have been 14 years if it didn't get stolen from me in 2011. Technically I was supposee to renew the domain for that year, but for some reason, something in the system went wrong. Until I have not been able to renew and right then and there someone bought it. At that time it wasn't  with GoDaddy yet. I remember always looking into the different sites selling domains to see whether it's sold but to no avail. When it gets listed as for sale, it's  very expensive, until last year I found it for sale.on GoDaddy and the price was just right, with no broker. But like what I said, I seem to have no time to fill this blog with posts. Plus these days, I am trying to Vlog on YouTube. Which, I find, more fun. Hehehe.. My channel  is Mommy Dharlz, please do visit.

These days I am busy learning how to run YouTube Ads. Although my channel  is not qualified yet, but being prepared counts, so yeah. That will be a good preparation.

You may want to check this video: