Saturday, October 9, 2010

Always a Healthy Alternative..

I love eating Milk Fish especially "Paksiw na Bangus".. The one above is my very own recipe that is made to last longer than all others. The secret is in the ingredients. More spices, less extra ingredients.  I usually stick with lots of garlic and onions with salt, vinegar and a little oil. Yummy alternative to meat. My sister said my Paksiw na Bangus tastes like Lechon Paksiw.. hehehe, funny.. 
 Taro Chips or Taro Crackers as alternative to snack.. It's yummy and it's locally produced. Talk about sustainability.. Enjoy them crispy and delicious.
For a healthier salad, try Goso seaweeds..

Any more ideas for a good share? Do inform me.. Thanks

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