Saturday, July 19, 2014

Seriously Speaking..

Seriously, we need to look into our sugar intake and see whether we have more than what is required. Too much sugar in the body can make one sick---- I am not even saying the words FAT or Humongous as they are quite derogatory. But true to my experience, I was big and unhealthy before that is why I got sick summer of 2013. Instead of enjoying the summer sun, I was indoor and struggling to live.. 

So take it from me.. too much sugar is not good. And this is coming from the girl who used to love chocolates and cakes, pastries and sweets.. 

Oh Yeah...

Reviving Blogging

Hello everyone. My sister just gave me her old domain to use and here I am reviving an old blog. I feel this is timely because somehow I have lost a lot when all my most loved domains died without me knowing how to save them after years of care. It was like losing someone due to an accident brought about by sudden negligence. In Tagalog, we refer to it as "napabayaan". The thing when you really do not have the intention to neglect but because of hectic schedule and all other immediate concern at some point, you almost forgot about them, then realized it was too late because they are gone. 

So now here I am doing my thing again.. But wait, with my new lifestyle, and the new me, I find that this blog needed some revisions too. Thus changing the title.. I am still a work in progress but having set my goal, I am going to hit it very very soon. Anyway, do come back for updates..

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